Introducing… Chase The Puck!


I thought I’d start by introducing myself and my new blog, “Chase The Puck!”

By now you know my name is Ashley Chase. I’ve worked as a television sports anchor/reporter one-woman band for six years, with a two-year stint in sports radio talk and play-by-play prior to television. In 2015, I began working at Robert Morris University in media relations/digital & social media with the men’s hockey team, while providing written and video coverage of the Pittsburgh Penguins for the Tribune-Democrat as a freelancer.

That’s the short version.

This is the long version. I grew up in rural Western Pennsylvania with Penguins play-by-play man Mike Lange piped into my eardrums. I didn’t know much about hockey, but I knew that I loved the game. For a long time, that’s all it was, a sport I loved and watched while going through high school and part of college as a serious music student. Things changed and I moved from Pennsylvania to Iowa and after a few years, found myself in a radio class in college with a professor who asked me, “did you ever think about doing sports?” 9-year old me was screaming “YES!” while the 21-year old version firmly answered, “absolutely.” And my broadcasting career was born.

I was a play-by-play & color voice of my college men’s and women’s basketball teams, while I interned with the local radio affiliate that broadcasted USHL hockey games. I ended up calling a variety of games and co-hosting drivetime shows for that radio affiliate through the two years it took me to complete my communications degree. My first full-time job began a month before graduation at a local television station and the rest is history.

While covering the USHL, I had a chance to learn a lot about the game with a much closer look than I ever could have imagined. I knew then that I wanted to work in and around hockey for the rest of my career, in any way I could.

For now, that means working at the jobs I mentioned previously, terrific opportunities with Robert Morris University and the Tribune-Democrat in Johnstown, Pa.

But I want to be doing more.

I’m starting “Chase The Puck” as a way to cover hockey in any way I see fit, from writing about developmental levels of hockey all the way to the NHL, and any topics that relate to the game. I plan to incorporate videos, infographics, Q&A’s, and anything I can to provide further insight into the game of hockey and the people in it. I’ll also be linking to my content from both RMU and the Tribune-Democrat.

My ultimate goal is to be broadcasting hockey and I’m always seeking opportunities to take my game to the next level on the air and as a reporter. For professional inquiries,

Hit me up on Twitter with your questions and I hope you enjoy following along!

– Ashley


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