Hello! I’m Ashley Chase, a sports broadcast and media professional with more than a decade of experience… and a lot more fun things to talk about, so let’s get the professional paragraph out of the way.

I graduated from Morningside College (now Morningside University) in Sioux City, Iowa in 2009 and immediately began my career at a Sports Anchor and Reporter at the local ABC television affiliate in that market, after two years of working in local radio during college, doing sports talk and play-by-play. My next stop was Vermont where I worked at the local CBS television affiliate and enjoyed covering a lot of college hockey and local racing, two of my biggest favorites in sports. I returned home to Pennsylvania in 2013 and worked for the NBC affiliate in Johnstown/State College covering local sports, the Penn State beat and handling Penguins playoff coverage. Following the 6 years in television, I moved to Pittsburgh and began a new role doing athletic communications for Robert Morris University, primarily with NCAA DI men’s hockey and women’s lacrosse. After three years and much success, the University brought me from athletics into PR & Marketing and the school’s social media manager, which I did until June 2021. I’ve spent the last three years as a freelance sports play-by-play broadcaster, journalist and photographer for a variety of Pittsburgh preps outlets including the TribLive High School Sports Network.

Okay, let’s get to the good stuff.

I grew up in small town rural Pennsylvania, mostly around my grandparents dairy farm, which has recently transformed into a successful wedding & event venue that I’ve helped my family launch. They handled the hard part, turning the hayloft into a dance floor. I do the fun parts, photos, videos and marketing. You wouldn’t think launching an event venue during a global pandemic would be a good idea but we hosted out first events in May 2021 and are booking out to 2023. Hard to believe.

I was in FFA in high school. Yes, those farming nerds in the blue jackets from Napoleon Dynamite. I was a band geek too. Big one. I played trumpet starting at age 10 and earned a full-ride to college for music education which is actually where I started before moving halfway across the country and changing career paths entirely. I even played in a rock band that was like a low-rent Trans-Siberian Orchestra for a few years playing trumpet as part of the orchestra, cranking out the classic rock hits and having an absolute blast. Yes, the sound you hear *is* Foreigner, blasting out of my 15-year old used car.

The other side of my family is from Canada and my dad is a dual citizen. That must be where I get my passion for hockey. I haven’t made a career stop that hasn’t included hockey, starting with the USHL, NCAA DI and DIII, the NAHL, and eventually the NHL. I really enjoy the journey athletes take from where they start to where they want to be, so having the opportunity to cover junior and college hockey has been a great experience. I can go on forever about hockey, but we could talk racing too.

I remember nights growing up around the farm where we could hear the roar of the local dirt track in the distance. Eventually I got to experience that for myself when I lived in the Midwest, hitting up every local dirt track I could and traveling with friends who raced. When I arrived in Vermont, everyone said “you have to go to Thunder Road” and I didn’t believe them because it was an asphalt track and I spent a lot of nights picking dirt out of my hair not thinking asphalt was for anything but NASCAR or getting to the track. Little did I know, Thunder Road was owned by Hall of Famer Ken Squier, the voice of NASCAR for so many years. What a privilege to not only meet him, but hear his stories, and DRIVE A RACECAR ON HIS TRACK. Yes, that happened. On television. I do have a lead foot.

We’ll wrap this up in dating profile fashion. I like long walks in the woods and mountains (because I don’t live near beaches), traveling (again, because I don’t live near beaches), rocking out to music at concerts or in the car, binge-watching sitcoms, logging more episodes of Law & Order than any human should, trying to visit every minor league ballpark I can, photography, throwing parties for pregnant or engaged relatives and friends to which there never seems to be an end, and I can’t wait to see where in the world I land next.